Bright Side Dental - Video & Graphic Design

We produced several different styles of videos for this client.
For Patient Testimonials, we used video recorded by staff in the clients' office. We added music, intros & outros, and lower 1/3 graphics and shared those on various social networks.
For Service Videos, we coordinated with the doctors to conceptualize the videos and come up with content. We recorded the videos in the office and edited them to add music and graphics.
When the opportunities presented, we also tried to use video to capitalize on trends and current events. All aspects of these videos were done by our team.

FLAME Furnace - Video & Graphic Design

For the client, we produced a number of different videos for commercial and promotional use.

For commercials, I was involved in the conceptualizing and review stages of production, as well as placing media buys for those spots.


Tour de Troit - Live Video

This client required our presence on-hand at their major events to livestream on their social media accounts.

Hatch Detroit - Video

For this client, we were tasked with finding a way to promote our client's alumni. We developed a program using current events to highlight specific alumni and our client. For this project, I was involved in the conceptualization and coordination.


The Detroit Masonic Temple - Photography

As a long-time client, I have had the opportunity to take countless photos (and edit them, when appropriate) before posting them on my client's social accounts.

The Golden Copper - Photography

I have been running a dog's Instagram account, taking photos and editing them before posting.